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Hadayek october

Installment and live in a villa in October Gardens

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Hadayek Elahram

Installment and live in the gardens of the pyramids

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Beyet Elwatan 6 October

Installment and live in 6 October without interest

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Beyet Elwatan Elsheikh zayed

Installment and live in sheikh zayed without interest

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Real Estate Marketing

Excellent location, charming views and unique architectural form

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Decor and finishing

We have a huge amount of solutions and creative ideas that adorn your palace

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Building and participation

Hayat Real Estate Marketing has one of the best companies in the real estate marketing market that has implemented many mega projects

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About Us

Hayah was founded in 2009 with a clear business strategy to penetrate the real estate development industry
The company develops and invests real estate in Egypt through innovation and diversification in real estate activities
(Eg real estate marketing - real estate investment - general contracting - finishing)
The reason for this diversity in real estate is to add everything new to the real estate market in Egypt
In the early years the company launched a life
Many residential buildings
These dwellings provided a unique style in the form of construction and design that withstood the test of time
Our mission
Design, build and manage high-end residential projects with long experience working in our community, with our commitment to integrity, honesty, craftsmanship and creativity

About Us

When you think of real estate marketing, you are definitely thinking about hayah

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  • بوابة منقرع 106, المنطقة ص، الظهير الصحراوى لمحافظة الجيزة، الجيزة
  • 0233912448